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Monthly Archives: January 2008

New Garmin handheld GPS…and phone?!


Called the nuvifone, Garmin has stuffed a GPS, phone, and touchscreen into a sleek, hand held device. Garmin touts that the device is easy to use, so it’s 3.5-inch display only offers three main buttons: Call, Search, and View Map. Interestingly, when the device is docked onto is vehicle mount, the nuvifone automatically goes into GPS mode. The phone is able to seamlessly transition from taking a phone call to GPS mode and vice versa.

One of the requested features on the iPhone is a real GPS system, this *may* be an alternative.

The nuvifone will hit stores around Q3 2008, with an unknown price tag.

UPDATE: The nuviphone also features HSDPA, quad-band GSM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. It also supports MP3 and MPEG4/AAC file formats.

Product page.


Via: Engadget

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt: for the geeks in love


If you’re a geek, you know that once your health meter goes out, you die. You don’t want to die, right? So, the idea is simple. Buy two of these 8-bit Dynamic Life Shirts, give one to yourself and the other to your significant other. You both wear it. When apart, the shirt will give you two and a half hearts (signifying your health meter). However, if you want more “health”, simply get close to (within hugging distance) to your partner. Your shirt will refill its health meter…or love meter depending on how you want to look at it.

Video demonstration after the jump…

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Private Cloud: rocking bed


From German designer Manuel Kloker, comes the Private Cloud, a oval-shaped, wooden-framed bed that will roll away if you “rock” too hard.

It looks cool and I’m sure it’s comfortable. I just move around too much when I sleep. Sleeping in this thing will probably result in a destroyed room in the morning.


Via: Gizmodo

Denture Ice Cubes


Ah, another wacky idea. You can fool your friends by dropping one of these in their soda and watch their reaction.

Called the Frozen Smile, it’s ice cubes in the shape of dentures.


Via: OhGizmo!

Jawbone Bluetooth Headset: noise cancellation at its finest


Have you ever talked to someone who was wearing a Bluetooth headset and all you could hear was the background noise? Well, I think it’s time you tell your friend to get a Jawbone Bluetooth headset. I don’t think this needs explaining…just watch the video after the jump.

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Camera stabilizer for dirt cheap

Ever take photos that just can’t seem to be in focus? It’s probably because you’ve got shaky hands. Have no fear though, you can fix it. You won’t need to be lugging around a bulky, expensive tripod. All you need is some string, a bolt, and some type of weight. If you can tie simple knots, you’ll be taking photos like a Pro in no time.

Watch the video to find out how.


Via: SlashGear