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Bluetooth legs?

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When you hear the term “Bluetooth”, what comes to mind? I bet it was cellphones.

However, Bluetooth maybe the next technological leap in prosthetic limbs.

Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill lost his two legs when a bomb exploded while he was inside his Humvee in Iraq. He was on patrol when the bomb exploded underneath his vehicle on October 2006. Bleill is among the first in the military to receive Bluetooth prosthetics. Using computer chips in each motorized limb, the legs are able to communicate with each other allowing for movement in a coordinated fashion. The Bluetooth receivers in each leg allows the data to be transferred and received between the limbs. This allows one leg to communicate to the other leg about its speed and stride length. The high tech prosthetics are able to tell how fast they are moving, whether they are traveling uphill or downhill, if they are standing (stopped) or climbing up steps.

This is different among the other technological advanced prosthetics in that it does not require the patient to think about moving a limb. It isn’t brain controlled. Bleill simply begins to move one limb and the other limbs begins to mimic the other. Essentially, the limbs move on their own.

Video here.


Via: CNN

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