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MacBook Air reviews are up

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Reviews for the Apple’s latest “hot” gadget are finally hitting the Internet tubes.

Here’s a brief summary of the good and bad:

+ Thin and sexy, but still sturdy (as portable as it gets)
+ Full-size keyboard
+ Built-in iSight
+ Gorgeous 13.3″ LED backlit display
+ New Touchpad “gestures” are useful
+ Weighs in at 3 pounds
+ Eco-friendly construction

– Intel 1.6Ghz Core Duo might be “too” slow (slower than its MacBook and MacBook Pro siblings)
– Intel CPU is not the more power efficient 45nm Penryn chip
– Cheap mono speakers
– No optical drive
– Only one USB port
– No ExpressCard slot
– No where near the 5 hour battery life Apple touts (average is around 3 hours)
– SSD hard drive could be cheaper
– Maximum RAM capacity: 2 GB
– Sealed RAM, hard drive, and battery (not possible to replace/upgrade, except battery?)

Despite the fact that the MacBook Air lacks an optical drive, the word on the street is that its “Remote Drive” feature works pretty well. Futhermore, rumor is that the MacBook Air’s battery is possible to replace, except it requires more work than ordinary notebooks. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and crack the case open.


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