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Cellwatch M500

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The Cellwatch M500 is a cellphone watch (as the name implies) that is a triband GSM phone that features a 1.5 OLED touchscreen (with stylus), 128×160 pixel resolution, MP3 audio and MP4 video support, 128 MB of memory, Bluetooth, and USB. The phone also boasts 200 minutes of talk time via a wired headset.

The touchscreen is laughable. I mean, come on. You’d have to have tiny fingers to “touch” those on-screen menu buttons. My own finger would end up touching half the screen and I have pretty small fingers. I know there’s a stylus, but who would want to carry a stylus for your watch? Also, what happens if I don’t want to use a headset? Do I have to speak directly into the watch and look like a complete douche bag?

If that doesn’t concern you, the Cellwatch M500 costs $999.99 AUD, so around $899 USD.


Via: Crave

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