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Gas-pumping Robot

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Unfortunately, I’m too young to remember the good ‘ole days where full-service gasoline stations were aplenty in the U.S. Now, it seems the Dutch are planning a full-service gas station comeback with the invention of a robot that will pump gas for customers. At $111,100 a piece, the robot is capable of determining where your car’s gas tank is located. It is also capable of unscrewing the cap and carefully inserting the gas nozzle into the gas tank without damaging your car. So, how does it know what type of car you have and what type of fuel your car needs? Simple. It has a database with all of the relevant information. It simply detects what car you have and does a quick lookup. Its sensors and robotic arm does the rest.

This way, you can stay in your car and and continue to talk on your cellphone. Awesome, right?


Via: Gizmodo

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