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HYmini: portable, renewable power

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The HYmini is a portable, renewable power supply that can harness solar and wind power to charge your 5v devices. So, what happens when it isn’t windy nor sunny, you ask? Well, in that case, you can simply blow on the Hymini’s fan turbine like a pinwheel. Or, use the armband kit and run around with it for a while letting the flowing air spin the fan. Just keep running or blowing for about an hour and you’ll get 15 minutes worth of power to your cellphone. But, ideally no manual labor is required. It’s meant to bathe in the sun with it’s solar panel attachment or naturally catch the wind.

The HYmini comes in green, black, or white. The solar panel is sold separately and you can attach up to four of them to a HYmini. The HYmini costs $49.99 with each solar panel costing $24.99. However, you can get the package which includes a Hymini, solar panel, and armband kit for $69.99.


Via: SlashGear

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