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miShare lets you share your iPod music

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Ever wanted to transfer a song from your iPod to your friend’s iPod without having to use a computer?

The miShare lets you share files from one iPod to another with a simple press of a button. Just connect the two iPods together, move the miShare’s slider to music, photos, or videos, and press the button to begin the transfer. Unfortunately, the miShare only works with iPods. iPhone and iPod Touch need not apply. Furthermore, this does not circumvent DRM’d tracks. If you copy a DRM’d track, you still must authorize it.

As far as transferring goes, the miShare lets you copy a single file or multiple files at once. It also supports USB 2.0 for fast file transfers.

It is available now at the miShare website for $99.95, not including tax or the $12.95 shipping.


Via: Popgadget

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