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Days Ago Digital Day Timer

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Ever open your fridge and wonder how old that box of Chinese food has been sitting there? If you’ve ever been food poisoned by a bad bowl of leftover soup, like myself, you’ll want something like this. With the Days Ago Digital Day Timer, from Chef’s Resource, you’ll know exactly how old something is from the first time you opened it. Simply start the timer and stick it to the food you want to keep a time on. It’ll keep track of how old it is, so you’ll be able to better judge whether or not to eat leftover food.

The Days Ago Digital Day Timer comes in two variations, magnetic or suction, which allows you to stick the timer on practically anything.

You can buy the Days Ago Digital Day Timer for $9.95 for one set of timers (two of them). But, you can buy 2 sets for $19.00. Get them at Chef’s Resource.



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