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BodyGard: 7-in-1 Emergency Tool

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The BodyGard is a swiss-army knife of useful emergency tools: automatic glass breaker, a safety-blade seat belt cutter, powerful sonic alarm, high intensity high/low beam white LED flashlight, a digital tire gauge, a thermometer, and a flashing red distress light for signaling help. It even comes with batteries included.

Details on the features after the jump.

* Spring-loaded point breaks car side windows for fast escape in an accident, fire, submersion.
* Safety Blade Seat Belt Cutter quickly cuts seat belts to free drivers and passengers
* Powerful sonic alarm signals for help with loud dB
* High Visibility Flashing Red Distress Light to signal for help.
* Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Attach the BodyGard to your keys with the included key ring for under $24 at Amazon.


Via: GadgetGrid

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