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Ferrari FFX Pedal Car

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Berg Toys decided to make a Ferrari that is a little more affordable. Sure it doesn’t have a monster V12 motor (or any motor for that matter) and sure it’s powered by your legs…but it’s a Ferrari! Okay okay, it is a “toy”, but a quite expensive one. The Ferrari FFX Pedal Car comes standard with a seven-speed transmission, an on-board computer, disc brakes, and semi-slick racing tires. Yeah, that’s right, an on-board computer. For the folks with fat wallets, you can upgrade the FFX to have a premium racing bucket seat with a four-point harness, leather wrapped steering wheel, and an aero kit.

One more pic after the jump.


The standard model will run you $730 while the Exclusive model will cost you about $2,200 USD. The Ferrari FFX Pedal Car is available at Berg Toys’ website and should be at Ferrari dealers soon.


Via: Autoblog

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