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Towel Matic Automatic Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser

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The problem with paper towels is that there will be a time when some jackass will get their filthy hands all over the paper towel roll just to tear off one sheet of paper. The Towel Matic Automatic Sensor Paper Towel Dispenser aims to solve that disgusting issue by automatically dispensing the paper towel without having to touch the roll. It is compatible with most paper towel brands, including the half sheet ones. It can dispense one or two sheets at one time.

Product Features

* Touch-free sensor-activated paper towel dispenser eliminates cross-contamination of germs
* One-hand operation prevents need of touching unused towels with unclean hands
* Towels are locked in place at each dispensing, guaranteeing no unraveling and secure towel removal
* Dimensions – 8.25″ L x 6.25″ W x 14″ H
* Warranty: 1 year, limited

Available for $53.99 at Amazon.


Via: GadgetGrid

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