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Kiddo KidKeeper: proximity alarm

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One of the worse things a parent can do is to lose track of their kids, say in a shopping mall. The Kiddo KidKeeper from Smart Target ensures the safety of a child and the peace of mind for the parent. The Kiddo is essentially a proximity alarm that will alert the parent through audio cues that their child is leaving their “range”. Sporting two modes, the Kiddo allows the parent to set a maximum range of either 4 or 8 meters. In the event that the child wanders beyond the set range, an alarm will sound alerting the parent. The device also has a visual alarm that aids in easy retrieval of the child.

The Kiddo KidKeeper is designed for the parent to wear the receiver and the child to wear the transmitter. The transmitter can be attached to a child either by using the included bracelet or the snap hook.

No idea on pricing, but it has been released in Portugal.

Product page.


Via: Gizmag

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