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BMW ConnectedDrive: internet in your car

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BMW thinks its car owners need access to the Internet while driving. Okay, well not exactly, since BMW’s ConnectedDrive only works for the front passengers when the car is traveling under 3.1 mph. Rightfully so, as I wouldn’t want to be on the same road traveling freeway speeds with a guy in a BMW 3-series checking his online bank account. The rear passengers, however, get unlimited access to the Internet for as long as they remain in the rear seats. Perfect for the little kiddies. Sadly, though, BMW decided to go the Apple route and chose EDGE instead of the faster 3G connectivity. Those with iPhones surely know how awesome EDGE is. BMW even has the same excuse as Apple for choosing EDGE – it’s more broadly available. Regardless, ConnectDrive allows the driver to enter URLs via the iDrive control system or via a favorites list (bookmarks).

“BMW ConnectedDrive is the consistent enhancement of the intelligent network connecting the driver, the car and their surroundings,” says BMW. Couldn’t they just simply say, “BMW ConnectedDrive is Internet in your car.” ?


Via: Autoblog

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