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Dining Table + Pool Table?

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Pool tables take up way too much space. Unless you have an entire room dedicated as a ‘game room’, adding a pool table into the home decor is impossible. With the Fusion Table, you can chuck out that ugly dining table and replace it with a pool/dining table. It’s elegant and stylish, so I’m sure its European look will match nicely in any dining room. The Fusion table converts in one minute and if you’re worried about the ‘ball pockets’…don’t. The table features an invisible pocket design so it won’t show any signs of a pool table when it is in “dining table mode”. You can even get matching chairs and an optional spring assisted ‘Spring Lift,’ which will raise the table 2.5 inches for optimal playing height. You can the Fusion Table in either a wooden or metal structure.

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Product page.


Via: Yanko Design

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