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Hidden Wall Safe

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Finding new and original hiding places around the home can be a bit tricky. Sure, you can buy a large, fireproof and bomb-proof safe, but if a burglar managed to break into your home, it’ll be obvious that you’ve got precious items inside the safe. What you need is something inconspicuous and hidden, like the Hidden Wall Safe from ThinkGeek. What may look like a power outlet at first, is actually a hidden compartment to hide all of your treasures. It comes with interchangeable outlets so you can match the look of your existing (real) wall sockets. If you’re worried about cutting a hole in your wall, have no fear. It comes with a saw cutout and templates to make sure you cut the correct hole size.

The Hidden Safe is made from “high impact” plastic and metal. It simply pivots from the wall once installed. It’s cheap too, at $7.99 a piece at ThinkGeek.


Via: ThinkGeek

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