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Mitsubishi Lancer Prototype-S

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Mitsubishi has unveiled the covers on its hatchback version of the Lancer. The hatchback sports a front fascia look of the Lancer Evolution, but technical-wise it’s more akin to the Lancer Ralliart. The Prototype-S therefore will feature a detuned 4B11T from the Evo, spitting out 235 horsepower. It’ll also come equipped with Mitsu’s all-wheel drive and active center differential. Mitsubishi’s Twin Clutch-SST gearbox (think DSG) will also be available.

The Lancer Prototype-S appears to be a competitor to Subaru’s WRX. I’d expect it to price around $25k USD. The Prototype-S is expected to hit the streets later in the year (as a 2009 model).

Concept pic after the jump.



Via: Motor Authority

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