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Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speakers

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Some people just can’t live without their iPod’s by their side at all times. If you are one of those people, you can now have your iPod with you in the shower. You can jam to your tunes while shampooing. All you have to do is place your iPod inside the waterproof shell. How awesome is that? The Rain Drop iPod Bathroom Speakers come in three colors: orange, light blue, and white. The device is powered by four AA batteries. Hoyun, over at Popgadget, says the audio quality is decent for what it is worth. It supports Apple’s iPod 4G/5G, iPod Nano, and iPod Mini.


* Max Output: 2W×2
* Frequency Range: 150~5600 Hz
* Power Source: 4 AA batteries
* Playback Time: Up to 10 hours?
* Water Resistant Level: IP67
* Dimensions: 130(W) x 190(H) mm
* Interior Compartment Size: W165 x H225 x D165 mm
* Weight: 0.48kg

$49.99 via


Via: Popgadget

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