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Raycop Anti-Bacterial Vac

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The Raycop Anti-Bacterial Vac utilizes an 8-watt sterilizing UV-C lamp to kill germs and bacteria with 99% effectiveness. It even sports a 3,600 beats per minute vibrating pad to shake loose all of the dust mites that may be clinging on to various fabrics. Its powerful vacuum sucks up the little critters and their feces…along with your ordinary dirt and food crumbs. It features a Dust Filter Cartridge System which essentially traps dust, dead skin cells, and dead organisms. The cartridge system is washable and reusable. Its also has an Allergy Filter System which ensures dust and allergy causing micro organisms aren’t re-released into the air. It ensures the air in the room stays clean and fresh.

Be sure to check out the video on the Raycop website. It makes me wanna burn my bed.

You can buy it at Raycop’s website for £149.99 ($295 USD).


Via: Appliancist

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  1. Posted May 16, 2008 at 12:58 pm | Permalink

    The line in the video creeped me out “Shouldn’t you choose who you share your bed with?”…. What’s up with the green roaches crawling on the bed in the video? Never thought of vacuuming my bed until today….. tahnks, I am becomeing a germaphobe with videos out there like this.

    I notice they state it kills 99% of bacteria and catches “some?” dust mites. The whole video is mostly about dust mites and yet it dones’t say how many it actually captures. Great marketing…..

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