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Puke Pets: disguise your stains

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Have you ever gone out to lunch only to end up staining your shirt? You can’t go home and change because you have to get back to work. What do you do?

Introducing the Puke Pets. These little pins, which looks like some sort of critter, helps disguise your shirt stain by making it look like that ketchup stain was meant to be there. Basically, it looks like the Pet vomited on your shirt. No one will ever know and you’ll have an instant designer shirt.

The Puke Pets come in a variety of colors and cost £2.99 (about $6 USD) via Lazybone. You can get a triple pack for £5.99 ($12 USD).

On an unrelated note: What is that chick eating? A hotdog in a hamburger bun? WTF?!?


Via: Funniest Gadgets

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