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Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

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You can protect your high-tech goodies with the Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock. You’ll only need your finger to unlock the door. It is also auto-locking, so you don’t have to use a key to lock the door, simply close the door and it is locked. The Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock comes all contained in one unit so it can be easily and quickly installed. Featuring a solid construction, the lock is PCB sealed with epoxy, preventing moisture, corrosion, and loosening.

Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock can be opened by three ways: a pin number + fingerprint scan, pin number only, or by a key. The Door Lock can handle up to 120 different fingerprints. Fingerprints can be added or removed easily via the Door Lock itself. No need for a computer.

The Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock is powered by 4 AA batteries and costs $199.00 at Home Security Store. For that price, it might just be worth it to protect my toys. Plus, it ain’t that bad looking.

Full features and specs after the jump.

* 120-user capacity
* Stand alone (no PC or special device required to program)
* Three methods of entry: pin+biometric or pin number only or key-override
* 500 dpi resolution sensor
* 360° position rotational free sensor
* Durable PVD coated optical sensor for long life
* 100% U.S. standard tubular latch cylinder lock
* Includes 2-3/8-inch and 2-3/4-inch latches for residential or commercial use
* Auto-lock or open state (passive) capability
* Heavy duty cast-steel constructed and Zinc alloy finish for long life
* Uses four standard economical AA batteries
* Excellent temperature range use: -13° F – 185° F
* Low battery power warning alert
* Contemporary elegant look
* It can be fitted in to virtually all types of doors with thickness up to 2-inch.
* Can be used outdoors only if covered and protected from precipitation (snow/rain)
* Comes with 2 override keys.

* Image capture time: <1 second * Response time: <1 second * FAR (False acceptance rate): <0.0001% * FRR (False rejection rate): <1% * Operating voltage: 6V DC * Operating current: =540mA * Operating temperature indoors: -8c~+85c * Operating temperature outdoors: -8c~+85c * Operating humidity: 20%~90% * Fingerprint capacity: 120 * Numbers of fingerprint register: Twice :: Via: Popgadget

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