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Bow Shooting Boy Robot

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The Bow Shooting Boy Robot is a mechanized toy archer that grabs an arrow from a quiver, loads it on the bow, and fires at the target. It does this like clockwork, literally. The Bow Shooting Boy Robot consists of a pedestal, the boy, and a hanging target for it to peg with an arrow. The arrow shooting robot comes in a kit, that must be assembled. The kit includes: all the internal gears and mechanisms and everything to build the doll, including the bows and arrows.

Check out the video of it in action:

It’d be awesome to hack this thing to increase its range.

You can get the Bow Shooting Boy Robot entirely pre-assembled for $299.95 at Jameco’s RobotStore, which is a little bit steep. However, detailed instructions on how to build the robot and how it works is included in a 50-page .pdf file.



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