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MediaCarts: high-tech shopping carts

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Being tested in Singapore, is the MediaCarts, a new high-tech shopping cart capable of displaying advertisements as a shopper strolls around the store. The MediaCarts are currently being pilot tested in a Singapore supermarket, Tesco. The carts are equipped with an LCD display and can sense their location within the store. Depending on the cart’s location, it will display promotional ads for nearby products. Interestingly, the MediaCart can also inform shoppers of the location of any item within the store. Simply input the product you are looking for and it’ll show you a map of the store with the location of the product. The MediaCart also tracks the movement of shoppers and their purchasing behavior.

Update: Apparently, the carts were first tested in the U.S. with Microsoft and Wakefern Food Corporation at ShopRite stores on the east coast.


Via: Physorg

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