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Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light: soothe your baby

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For brand new parents, I’m betting you haven’t had much sleep lately, right? Want a solution to help with the crying baby in the wee hours of the morning? Check out the Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light. The device is sound activated, so as soon as your baby begins to cry it will either turn on a soothing colored light or it will play ‘womb sounds’. I suppose the sounds of a mother’s womb will calm the baby down. I personally don’t know (or remember) what that sounds like. However, the Crib Light can also do both (sound and light), depending on your preference. The device can output 3 different ‘soothing’ colors and each activation cycle lasts 10 minutes before it shuts off. You can also manually activate the Crib Light.

You can attach the Crib Light either directly on the crib’s railing or stand it on its own on top of a table. Hopefully, this’ll help you get more sleep. You can get the Munchkin Voice Activated Crib Light for $12.99 via Amazon.


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