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Google’s Android OS demo: plays Quake

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Andy Rubin, one of the developers of Android and a Google minion, gave a demonstration of Google’s mobile OS to BBC. Rubin demonstrated the web browser, a quick game of Quake, and Google’s Street View. Android was running on a ‘reference design’ phone, featuring a 300 MHz processor. However, Android seemed to run flawlessly on the test hardware, as applications were loading snappily. However, interestingly, the Android OS is capable of supporting both touchscreen and non-touchscreen phones. For non-touchscreen phones, some sort of “track/scroll pad” will be needed. Sorry, no multi-touch here (sorry, pinchers). The best part had to be the Quake demo, which was amazingly running at 30 fps. Not bad.

Enjoy the vid.

Sadly, the interface looks extremely primitive. I know it isn’t representative of the final product, but man, was that ugly. HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung, are among some cell phone manufacturers expected to ship Android-based phones late this year.


Via: Electronista

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