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Samsung AirCon: cleans the air too

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Samsung has unleashed a new air conditioner that not only provides cool, freshing air but also cleans and removes odor from the air. In fact, the new air conditioner can kill 78 percent of fungus and 58 percent of bacteria (in a 30-minute time frame) thanks to Samsung’s Micro Plasma Ion (MPI) technology. Along with the MPI, the aircon also sports a carbon deodorizer that removes odors and kills bacteria and a green tea extract filter that aids in sanitizing the air. Amazingly, the new air conditioner is 30% more energy efficient that traditional aircon units.


The Samsung bacteria-killing air conditioner is out in Singapore and will set you back $799 to $899 Singapore dollars ($571 – $643 USD), depending on which model you choose.


Via: Crave (Asia)

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