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Samsung PAVV Cannes 450: 3D glasses compatible

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Alright, Geeks! Put on your 3D glasses as here comes the Samsung’s PAVV Cannes 450 3D-ready HDTV. Available in 42 and 50-inchers, the Cannes 450 sports a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio (yep, one million) thanks to Samsung’s Cell Light Control technology. The display is also capable of displaying games and movies in 3D with special glasses – which, Samsung will ship with the Cannes 450. The plasma also gets Samsung’s Digital Natural Image engine (DNIe + (DNIe+) chipset for cleaner, pretty looking pictures.

Interestingly, Samsung has partnered with EA to provide 3D content specially for the television. Army of Two in 3D anyone?

The 42-inch will cost 1,750,000 Won ($1,859 USD). The 50-inch will set you back 2,500,00 Won ($2,655 USD).



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