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Samsung SyncMaster 820DXn: expensive it is

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Measuring 82 inches, the Samsung SyncMaster 820DXn is Samsung’s “largest and most powerful large format display”. However, don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a big fancy television. The SyncMaster 820DXn comes fully decked out with an AMD Athlon64 X2 3400+ 1.8 GHz dual core processor, 4GB of flash storage memory, 512 MB of DDR2 RAM, an ATI graphics card, and Windows XPe. This allows users to display content without the need for connecting the TV to a separate computer.

The display itself features a 5000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution, 8 ms response time, and comes equipped with Samsung’s Super Patterned Vertical Alignment (S-PVA) technology, which gives the 820DXn a 178-degree viewing angle. Similiarly, it also sports Samsung’s DNIe PRO image enhancement technology, which provides more natural picture colors, richer contrast, and finer details.

Here’s the shocker…the price for Samsung’s SyncMaster 820DXn is $76,999 USD. Too expensive if you ask me. The PC specs aren’t that ‘high end’ and neither is the display (granted it is 1080p and 82-inches, but $77k?). But for business owners that have cash to burn, why not?


Via: Centre Daily

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