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DORmino mouse: heat powered

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The DORmino mouse is perfect for those who have laptops with heating issues…*cough* MacBook *cough*. I mean, I love my MacBook but that thing just burns up, especially when it’s charging. However, if this concept ever makes it into production, I’d forgive my MacBook’s heating issues.

The DORmino mouse converts the heat emitted from your laptop into electricity. It works by utilizing a large mouse pad that is placed underneath the laptop. The mouse pad collects the heat exhausted by the computer by using nanowires. It then transfers that heat in the form of electricity to the mouse via thermal inductors. The mouse itself appears to be a wireless optical mouse. The device is a concept for Core77’s Greener Gadget Design Competition 2008.


DORmino was designed by Cheong Yian Ling, Cindy Liew, Joanne Lin, and Lionel Wong of Singapore.


Via: Core77

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