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Dummer: iPhone Drum Machine

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First, there was the iPhone Guitar:

Then, there was the iPhone Piano (iAno):

Now, here’s the iPhone Drum Machine (Drummer):

The Drummer allows you to play 15 different drum samples and can play up to 5 sounds at one time, thanks to its multi-touch support. It comes included with several pre-set drum kits: Jazz, Rock, Dance, and Electro. You can even play along with your MP3’s. The software is currently in beta and requires a jail-broken iPhone.

Features after the jump.

* A 15 sample Drum Pad for your iPhone / iPod Touch.
* Multi-touch. Up to 5 pads can be pressed at once.
* Animated pads illuminate at your touch.
* Play along to all your MP3s.
* Change between drumkits at the touch of a button.
* The following kits come pre-installed: Rock, Dance, Jazz 1 and 2, and Electro.
* Drumkits are fully expandable to allow you to add your own samples (see below).


Via: Technabob

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