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LINC Concept Phone

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The LINC is a concept phone that I think would revolutionize the way people would buy phones, or at least the way I would. First off, the theoretical specs on the LINC phone are as follows:

* Touchscreen
* Bluetooth
* Wi-Fi
* 3G connectivity
* Internet capable (web browser)

I know it is lacking details, but the bottom line is that it is pretty normal for a phone by today’s standards. However, The LINC isn’t about the phone, it’s more about the way you buy it. You aren’t actually buying the phone, instead it’s more like a lease (or rental). Every couple of years, you’ll need to send the phone back to LINC, the manufacturer, and they’ll send you back a brand new version with all of the latest features. They’ll transfer all of your account settings to the new phone. Slick! No need about worrying about whether or not you should upgrade, just send it back for a newer one!

This is great, especially since I am so afraid of buying an iPhone right now, because I know that once I do, a few weeks later Apple will release a new version, like an iPhone Air…

The LINC phone itself is made from eco-friendly materials: aluminum, glass, and electronic components that is recyclable.



Via: The Greener Grass

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