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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Paper Mario Stop Motion video + cookies!

Yes! Another Mario related post. This time, in the form of a stop motion video and delicious looking cookies. No clue on the author of the video, but the video is still well done. I’m just unsure about the ending…

Didn’t that video make you hungry for some cookies? After the jump.

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Newton Virus – coolest MacBook virus

The Newton Virus only affects MacBook computers (including Pro). Simply stick a USB drive infected with the virus into a MacBook’s USB port and BAM! You now have the coolest virus to have ever infected your computer. The Newton Virus “crashes” your desktop and utilizes the MacBook’s motion sensors allowing you to “tumble” your desktop from side to side. It sure makes a nice April Fool’s joke, since it causes no harm or damage to the machine.


Via: CrunchGear

French Fries Phone


Already got the Juno Burger Phone, I see. Well, it wouldn’t be complete without the French Fries Phone from Brando. Featuring a Tone/Pulse switch, it costs $19; but unfortunately, ketchup packets aren’t included.


Via: Geeky Gadgets

Twist cap provides instant green tea


In an effort to provide “fresh” beverages to consumers, a Japanese company has began marketing mineral water with a special “twist cap” that releases 1.4 grams of Kyoto Matcha, a high-grade green tea, into the water. Instant tea anyone?

My view? Why not just ship the drinks pre-mixed? Why go through all the engineering fuss over a twisting cap, not to mention all the money spent on research and design?

A pack of 24 ‘Twisting Cap’ Kyoto Matcha costs 5,280 Yen ($53 USD) for a case of 24. Expensive? Hell yeah. But then again, I’m no green tea drinker, so what do I know? Kyoto Matcha might be worth spending that much money…maybe not.


Via: Trends in Japan

Suzuki Crosscage motorcycle concept: hydrogen power


Ahh…another Suzuki concept. I don’t know if Suzuki got a whole new team of designers or what, but Suzuki’s concepts as of late have been, well, eye-striking. The company’s Suzuki Crosscage is no exception. It’s simply fantastic looking. Co-developed with British specialist Intelligent Energy, the hydrogen powered bike is equipped with a lightweight fuel cell and secondary “high-performance” lithium-ion battery to optimize its energy hunger.



Via: Tuvie

Simroid “Pain Girl” doesn’t like the dentist

Simroid, dubbed “Pain Girl”, is a 5 foot 3 inch robot designed by Dr. Naotake of Shibui of the Nippon Dental University in Tokyo to help new dental trainees to be more ‘gentle’ with their patients. The robot is able to express pain through the sensors in her mouth, capable of communicating with her dentist through speech, facial expressions, and body movements. Simroid even has sensors embedded in her chest which informs the teachers in the event a student molests her. Simroid, based off of a 28-year old model, was invented as a training tool to train new recruits on how to be more sensitive to their patients. It turns out, dentists are more rough on men than on women patients.

Unfortunately, I don’t understand Japanese, but it looks like “Pain Girl” can also be manually controlled by computer, by using a special software and a click of the mouse.


Via: Pink Tentacle