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Playstation EyeToy – Tank Game demo

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Sony demonstrated their Playstation EyeToy game, Tank War, during GDC ’08. The game allows gamers to draw their own tanks, however, it doesn’t have to be a tank, per say. You can draw a fish, for example, and give it tank treads and a turret – as you’ll see in the video. The only requirement is that you draw the ‘tank pieces’ in the correct proportion and location relative to the main body. You also need a dark colored pen and a red pen. The red pen is used when drawing the tank turret. By drawing a red dot on the turret you drew, the game will use that dot as the pivot point for the turret. Once you’ve finished drawing, you use the EyeToy to scan and digitize your art. You can even draw the level to play on!

This is pretty awesome and it seems to work quite well. Enjoy the vid.


Via: TechEBlog and Kotaku

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