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Cyber Goggles: Ginkgo Biloba no more

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Japanese researchers in Tokyo have engineered the “Cyber Goggles,” which is essentially a high tech video recording system, that records every thing the wearer sees. The Cyber Goggles is capable of identifying and tagging every object being looked at. Every object is then stored into a database, allowing the user to search the database to recall certain memories. For example, if a user forgets where he/she placed their keys, a simple search for the term ‘keys’ would reveal related videos – resulting in the user finding their keys. The videos are displayed on a tiny LCD screen on the right-side lens of the goggles.

The Cyber Goggles constantly feed video into a computer worn on the user’s back. The computer is equipped with a high-speed recognition software capable of analyzing, naming, and storing items into the database. Currently, researchers have programmed 60 everyday items into the Cyber Goggles and demonstrations have proven it to be successful.

Too bad it’s a little dorky looking. I wouldn’t mind wearing these in the future when I get old and wrinkled. By then, I’m sure they’d be able to apply the system in a pair of ordinary glasses.


Via: Pink Tentacle

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