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V-Beat AirDrums and AirGuitar

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Can’t afford a full blown drum set. No worries. Checkout Silverlit‘s V-Beat AirDrums. It comes with several pre-programmed rhythms and sound styles. Simply attach the “waist station” to your waist, put the “drum peddals” on the floor, and start air drumming! Motion sensors on the sticks are able to detect movement so you don’t need to actually hit something in order for them to cause a sound. All you need is some clear space around you. For drumming beginners, the AirDrum also includes an instructive guided learning feature.

£29.99 ($60 USD) at Thumbs Up.

Silverlit also as a V-Beat AirGuitar, if guitar-ing is more your thing. Just like the AirDrums, the AirGuitar also has pre-programmed rhythms and sounds. Video after the jump.

The V-Beat AirGuitar comes in two pieces, the main body and the frets. It also costs £29.99 ($60 USD) at Thumbs Up.



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