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17 months old baby can read

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Okay, I know this isn’t tech related. But I ran into the this Neatorama post about a 17-month old baby that can read like a 7-year old. Elizabeth Barrett has been read stories to her since she was young by her two speech pathologist parents. Her mother, Kathy, is convinced sign language has helped Elizabeth learn to read by watching “Signing Time” on TV. For play time, Kathy likes to write down random words for her daughter to read. Even the interviewer and camera man tested Elizabeth by writing down words for her to read. At one point, the interviewer opened a magazine and tested the kid. She read like a champ.

Update: If you are interested in watching Signing Time with your child. Visit this page to see when the show is airing in your area. Just scroll to the middle of the page and enter your zip code. -Thanks, Janel!


Via: Neatorama