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Kodak Elite Vision KTEL-30W

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And you thought Kodak only made photography products. Kodak and Kaga Japan have teamed up to create the Kodak Elite VIsion KTEL-30W. Essentially, it’s an OLED TV sporting a 3″ wide screen, 320 x 240 pixel resolution, and 3.5 hours of viewing time. The KTEL-30W is a mere 8mm thick, so this puppy is pretty thin. It weighs 64 grams with the battery installed. Unfortunately, the speakers are mono sound, so don’t expect much audio wise. Plus, with the pretty pathetic resolution, I doubt it’d be worth watching anything on it. The exact dimensions are 67.5mm × 88.5mm × 8mm.

If you’re still interested, the Kodak Elite Vision KTEL-30W hits store shelves in Japan in late March for 29,800 Yen ($285 USD).

Update: Apparently, the KTEL-30W also has a built-in 1Seg TV tuner.

Product page. [Kaga] (translated to English).


Via: Newlaunches

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