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The NKryptor Puzzle

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Love puzzles, huh? Check out the NKryptor Puzzle. This Egyptian-themed metallic box was designed by a magician that requires “brain over brawn” to open. Hence, why it is a puzzle. You’ll need to use your noggin’ to figure it out. The NKryptor Puzzle is hand crafted and once you figure out how to open it, it’ll reveal a PC game offering a chance to win prizes: from iPods to LCD televisions. The PC game is also Egyptian themed, involving the player to move certain objects in rows or columns on a grid. The point of the PC game is to clear all of the objects from the grid. As each level progresses objects are put in a way to increase the difficulty. This kinda sounds like Bejeweled. Of course, you’ll have to open the NKryptor box first before you get to play the PC game.

The NKryptor – infuriating, beautiful, and most definitely a sphinx with a riddle, had us captivated for days on end. Beware. It will cast its spell over you, too.

The NKryptor Puzzle is pretty expensive, costing £49.99 ($99) via Gadgetshop.


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