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Wii Skin – Retro Nintendo Wii skin

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Want to add an old school touch to your Nintendo Wii console? The Wii Skin – Retro Revolution, transforms your Wii console to the more retro look of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It sports the white, grey, and red color scheme from the NES. It’ll surely bring fond memories to any retro gamer. However, instead of saying “Nintendo Entertainment System” like in the original, it reads “Revolution Entertainment System” in reference to the Wii’s original project code name. The actual skin itself uses a high gloss film that protects the console from scratches. It also leaves no residue when the film is removed. Pretty cool.

The Wii Skin for the console itself costs $14.99. The skin for the Nunchuck, Wiimote, and Classic controller cost an additional $4 each. Get yours at DecalGirl.




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