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Bluetooth purCushion Pillow

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If you enjoy talking on your cell phone while laying down, check out the purCushion. Think of it as a Bluetooth hands-free head pillow. As long as you have a Bluetooth equipped phone, you can chat and snooze at the same time. Its ergonomic design will ensure you chat comfortably. The 26-inch cotton velvet pillow has a built-in speaker and microphone. It also features several buttons for control, allowing you to easily pair your phone with the purCushion and answer phone calls. Its battery lasts 300 hours of standby and eight hours of non-stop talking.

The purCushion costs about 350 Euros, about $536 USD at Urban Tool.

Full features after the jump.


* Bluetooth
* Volume control
* Mute
* Redialing
* 8 hrs talk time
* 300 hrs standby
* LED status indicators for operating/charging and Bluetooth
* Microphone
* Loudspeaker
* Washable coat
* Rechargeable battery with 220 volt charging unit
* Size: 54 x 33 x 13 cm


Via: Register Hardware and GeekAlerts

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