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Husqvarna’s Automatic Solar Powered Lawn mower

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Similar to the Lawnbott, Husqvarna’s Solar Powered Automatic Lawnmower will mow your lawn for you will you sip your lemonade and laugh at your neighbors for being less ‘1337’ than you.

However, unlike the Lawnbott, the Husqvarna lawn mower is both battery and solar powered, capable of charging itself in 40 minutes for 40 minutes of work on its battery alone. On a sunny day, its solar panel will provide 50% more mowing time according to Husqvarna. The lawn mower can cut up to 2,300 square meters of grass and can be time programmed to begin work on certain hours or days of the week. You can also set the perimeter of the lawn (so it doesn’t cut your neighbor’s grass) by laying a metal wire around the edge of your backyard or front lawn. Its on-board sensors can detect the wire preventing it from traveling beyond it. Best of all, since this thing lacks a gas powered motor, it should be nice and quiet.

The Husqvarna Automatic Solar Powered Lawnmower costs £2,000 ($4,000 USD). has a video demonstration of the robot lawn mower.

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Via: Pocket-lint

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