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MPIO V10: touchscreen PMP

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The MPIO V10 Personal Media Player is capable of playing back just about anything. Its 3″ 16:9 WQVGA (480 x 272 pixel resolution) touchscreen display can playback AVI, WMV, ASF, MP4, DivX, DAT, VOB, TS, and MPEG video files. For audio, you can expect MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, and PCM support. If you have photos you want to display on the V10, it’ll support JPEG, BMP, GIF, and PNG files. It includes 8GB of on-board storage with an available microSD card slot. The MPIO V10 also includes a FM tuner, dictionary, and TV out. The player is running Windows CE 5.0 Core as its OS. The player itself doesn’t look half bad with its metallic finish.

It measures 102.8 x 54.3 x 15.4mm.

Full video codec and audio support info after the break.

Format: AVI, WMV, ASF, MP4, DivX, DAT, VOB, TS, MPG / MPEG
Video codecs: MPEG-4 Simple Profile (800×480, GMC / QPEL support)
MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile (800×480)
MPEG-2 MP@ML (720×480), MPEG-1 (720×480)
H.264 Baseline Profile (640×480), and H.264 Baseline Profile Level 1.2 ARIB
Standard / Level 1.2
DivX 3.11/4.x/5.x Pro (800×400, GMC / QPEL support)
Xvid (800×480, GMC / QPEL support)
Audio codec: MPEG Layer 1/2/3, WMA and WAV, AAC / AAC +
Frame Rate: 30 fps

Format: MP3, WMA, AAC, OGG, PCM
Audio codec: MPEG-1 Layer 3, and MPEG-1 Layer 1 & 2 (8 ~ 384Kbps, CBR / VBR), PCM
AAC(16~400Kbps, CBR/VBR), WMA9 Pro (5~355Kbps), OGG Q1~Q10 AAC (16 to 400Kbps, CBR / VBR), WMA9 Pro (5 ~ 355Kbps), OGG Q1-Q10
MP3 ID3 tag: Ver 1.0 / 2.2 / 2.3 / 2.4

JPG, BMP, GIF – (maximum 2600×2, 000), PNG – (maximum 1600×1, 200)


Via: GenerationMP3

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