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Sony Mylo Com2: hands-on preview

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The fine folks at Akihabara News got their hands on the Sony Mylo 2. You can read my previous post on the Sony Mylo Com2 here for the full specs on the device. The Mylo 2 looks more compact than it does in photos. Akihabara reports that the device’s navigational stick is awkward to use and videos are only played back in 320 x 240 pixels even though the Mylo’s screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels. Furthermore, the built-in camera is worthless apparently. Sony decided not to use a real image sensor in the Mylo (why, Sony? Why?). Fortunately, however, the Sony Mylo 2 is pretty speedy, as seen in the video. Web pages seem to load in a reasonable time. This isn’t a cell phone by the way. Think of it like a souped up Sidekick, minus the phone.


Via: Akihabara News