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Maytag Drying Cabinet

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Some clothes aren’t meant to be tumble dried in an ordinary dryer. Sure, you can set up a clothes line in your backyard to drip dry your precious and delicate garments, but you risk the chance of them getting stolen (hey, not all of us live in safe neighborhoods), or worse, getting bird poop on your wool sweater. Not any more with the Maytag Drying Cabinet. Featuring three racks of hanging space (equivalent to 16 meters of clothes line), the Drying Cabinet constantly provides a stream of warm air allowing your clothes to gently dry. Its got hanger racks and prongs to hold your coats, sweaters, scarves, gloves, ties, and hats. You can even dry your shoes and boots. Maytag claims the Drying Cabinet is easy to use thanks to its “rotary controls”, allowing the user to set three possible drying temperatures. Drying time is up to 4 hours.

I can’t find details on pricing or availability. Product page is here. [Maytag]


Via: Appliancist

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  1. Padraig's Ghost
    Posted December 28, 2009 at 7:27 pm | Permalink

    I don’t have one yet, but when my gas dryer dies I will be buying one. When the “New World Order” boogymen and their lackies at ICLEI gets hold of your local government this type of dryer you WILL use in the future. The days of convenience of carbon fueled natural gas and electric conventional are numbered. These have been used in Scandinavia for years with no complaints… I like these because the are a fraction of the cost of conventional dryers. The lack of convencience is does not bother me a bit and it will help both the “environment” and my wallet. (I will be needing that extra money to pay the U.N. carbon taxes anyway!) Great Idea even if it came from the fools at “Watermelons” ICLEI! (An Environmentalist is like a “Watermelon”, Green on the outside and red on the inside.)

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