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Planika Fires ‘Ground Floor’: fireplace in your coffee table

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We’ve all seen fancy fireplaces that we could only dream of having in our homes. We’ve seen glass fireplaces, rotating fireplaces, and LCD TV-esque fireplaces. But, have you seen a fireplace inside a coffee table? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

The Planika FiresGround Floor” line is essentially just that – a coffee table that doubles as a fireplace. The Ground Floor comes in two styles — the American black walnut veneer can be placed alongside ruby red or traffic white high gloss varnishes. The fireplace uses FANOLA fuel to light the fire, which only emits water vapor and carbon dioxide; no smelly fumes or odors. For safety, the Ground Floor utilizes a glass cylinder to enclose the fire.

The stylish coffee table was designed by French designer, Christophe Pillet. Imagine roasting marshmallows while watching TV on the sofa…awesome!



Via: Born Rich

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