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The Bamboo Phone: charges by winding up

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Made from biodegradable plastic and bamboo, the “Bamboo Phone” is a rather simple looking phone. However, this one isn’t your ordinary battery powered cell phone. A ‘rotational ratchet motion’ is all that is required for the Bamboo Phone to work. By simply opening the phone and rotating the back plate (which appears to house the numpad) for three minutes, you’ll earn enough power to make a single call. Though, I’m not sure if all that muscle power is worth it…but at least you’ll never run out of power.


Designed by Dutch designer, Gert-Jan van Breuge, the Bamboo Phone is biodegradable after you remove the phone’s battery, antenna, and printboard. To further maximize the battery-life, a monochrome screen is used. I wouldn’t expect Bluetooth or 3G on this thing.

The Bamboo Phone concept was one of the finalists for the 2008 Greener Gadgets Design Competition.


Via: Inhabitat

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