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Halo 3 themed lamp up on eBay

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Ebay seller, rayanajames, has a really cool Halo 3 themed lamp for sale. I’m unsure if the custom lamp was hand crafted by the seller or was store bought somewhere. Unfortunately, the eBay page doesn’t say too much. The lamp portrays a scene where a Jackal Sniper is perched up a tree with two Master Chiefs (playing co-op, I presume) ready to pwn. One MC is about to chuck a grenade at the Jackal. I’m not sure if this is based on a certain level in Halo 3 (sorry, I’ve been playing COD 4 lately, I barely remember Halo), but the attention to detail on the lamp is pretty spectacular. All three figures look accurate. You can clearly make out the Jackal’s beam rifle, the frag grenade on the red MC, and the assault rifles being held by both MCs.

Starting bid for the custom Halo 3 map is at $93.00. Halo fans go!

Oh yeah, the lamp is functional. More pics at the eBay page.



Via: Hawty McBloggy

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