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Hayabusa-powered Go-Kart

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A French man decided to take a leftover Suzuki Hayabusa motor and strap it into a lightweight kart. The 2008 Hayabusas are pushing 171 horsepower; earlier models push 151 horsepower. Even at the low end of the scale, this ‘Busa powered go-kart isn’t your ordinary ‘amusement park’ ride. This thing is mean, loud, and f’ing awesome.

I can’t imagine it being extremely stable on the road (see the on-board video). It looks very “skiddish” to steer at high speeds. According to the guy’s blog, it appears they were having braking issues with the brake pads not holding up very well. But, I still want one.

(Overview of the Suzuki Hayabusa after the jump, in case you aren’t familiar with the bike).


Via: and Jalopnik

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