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Iona Cube Wi-Fi Internet radio: flip to your favorite radio station, literally

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The Iona Cube from Cambridge Consultants have developed a Wi-Fi enabled radio device that allows you to store up to 4 of your favorite Internet radio stations. The Iona Cube consists of 6 sides. One side houses the speaker, four sides are dedicated to each of your radio stations, and the last side is the on/off switch. You change radio stations by rotating the Cube to one of its other four sides. To adjust the volume, the user simply twists the Cube to the right or left – to increase and decrease the volume, respectively. I’d like to know what the audio quality is like?

Currently, the concept is designed to allow the user to program their stations via USB or through Wi-Fi by visiting a website. The Iona Cube is very simple; its internal electrical wizardry of parts costs a mere $15. Cambridge Consultants aims to get the Iona Cube to under $50 when it hits the market.

If you’re scratching your head wondering why only four radio stations, I mean, why not a dodecahedron type shape, right? Well, apparently, Cambridge Consultants did their homework; research revealed that even though there are thousands of radio stations available, users only listen to up to four stations.


Read the press release here.


Via: Gizmag

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