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The Newspaper House

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Artist Sumer Erek noticed the piles of wasted newspaper lying on the streets and in people’s homes and somehow managed to see art within the unwanted waste. So he took a bare, 12 feet high, wooden structure and lined it with 120,000 rolls of newspaper to from the Newspaper House. The building is currently located in Gillet Square in Dalston, Hackney. Erek encouraged the local community to donate their leftover newspapers to help build the project. Local train companies donated a total of 2 tons worth of newspaper that passengers left behind. Another 10,000 papers were collected by Project Freesheet.

“Newspaper House covers our era’s three aspects – news, paper and house… and also brings communities together and people contributing into the construction and adding into the piece in a physical active way.” “Even things that don’t have value can be transformed into artwork and it could be something beautiful,” he added.


The Newspaper House is currently open to the public for art viewing. The house will be “recycled” afterwards. I’m sure some needy family would enjoy the piece of art home. Why destroy it?


Via: LikeCOOL and BBC News

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