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Lego-touch: build Lego on your iPhone/iPod Touch

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Imagine being able to play with LEGOs without actually buying the bricks? Or the added mess. This application concept for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch allows users to build, play, and share all of their Lego creations. Developed by PlayNYC, Lego-touch features just about every possible Lego brick for you to use and it even has a “Brick-Bin”, which displays all of your available pieces in a ‘Cover Flow’ style. You simply select the bricks you want to use and use your finger (like any other ordinary iPhone/Touch app) to begin engineering your creation. It’s like virtual Lego. Once you are done building your masterpiece, you can send your project and receive your friends’ creations over the net via email or SMS. It even has a game mode allowing you to have a “build-off” competition with your buddies.

Be sure to check out PlayNYC’s website for their animation demonstration highlighting the application.


Via: Core77

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